Mathison AI Complex Event Processing Platform

Artificial Intelligence Is Not A Feature. It's An Architecture

A 20 year old overnight success, the Mathison Architecture builds on over 60 years of research while implementing our own novel approach to Artifical Intelligence. Just as the mainframe was an architecture, the PC network was an architecture, the Internet is an architecture, mobile is an architecture...AI is in fact an architecture. Your systems must be designed to take advantage of that architecture. We use to write programs with data to produce output. Now we combine output with data to produce programs. Think about that. Rather than program the computer, we let the computer learn how to write the programs. Architecting your business around that paradigm allows for much faster interation and response.

Complex Event Processing

Spreadsheets are 2 dimensional data base systems in much of our businesses. Businesses are are system of complex events that will never fit into a spreadsheet. Complex Event Processing coupled with AI produces a business architecture where you can understand what is going to happen, rather than what already happened. This is crucial to undertand when situations present themselves that have no road maps. No game plan. Black Swan Events.

Tame The FrankenSaas

Today businesses are a massive conglomeration of off the shelf Software As A Service subscriptions. Occasionally connected directly via API, what they often are missing is the business logic within those connections. We connect all of the streams of data together in a way that allows for complex business logic, learning algorithms that the ability for management to extract informtion from a never ending flow of data.

Every Algorithm, Formula or Model Is Obsolete Now

Every formula, algorithm or model prior to 2020 that you thought you had now needs to be completely re-examined.